Moving Cube

Is this a dresser or a spacecraft? Either way it’s a plaything. We put some sounds in those drawers. Open them. Listen. Make your own music. You want to do something else? We got you. On the other sides you can watch videos. Maybe there is some interplay of video and sound? That’s for you to explore.

This audio-visual, interactive installation is a Pretty Playful Productions Production. It was presented in 2021 in Bremen. It was accompanied by an audiowalk, where one could collect additional sounds to bring to the installation.

Künstlerische Leitung: Johanna Schlösser, Miriam Röder, Michael von Schönberg Musik: Dietmar Kirstein Dokumentation Foto und Film: Beate Köhler, Helene Maus Schnitt: Helene Maus

Michael von Schönberg, 2021