Wenn Farben lebendig werden

Red, yellow, blue, what do these colors feel like? If they were alive, how would they be? Let’s find out. Me Blue, You Red, let’s play! Let’s mix. Who knows what’ll happen!

This dance theater piece for a children’s audience was a cooperation with Johanna Schlösser and Miriam Röder and was performed 2019 in the OpusEinhundert Theater.

Künstlerische Leitung: Johanna Schlösser, Miriam Röder, Michael von Schönberg Musik: Colin Sobtzick Performance: Miriam Röder, Michael von Schönberg Kostümbild: Michael von Schönberg, Gesine Hansen Choreographische Assistenz: Mia Weahneldt Graphik und Dokumentation: Beate Köhler Schnitt: Helene Maus

Michael von Schönberg, 2021